Twitter is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. But sometimes, you just want to hide your highlights so that your friends can’t see what you’re up to. In order to Turn Off Twitter Highlights, you first need to sign in to your account.

Social networks are always trying to get you to “engage” more with their service and recently, Save Images On Twitter has introduced a new trick: Highlights notifications.

Highlights are, in theory, content Twitter thinks you’ll want to see because of some secret algorithm. If a few people you follow all share the same link or have a conversation, you might get a notification, like the one below, telling you about it—even if you had no interaction with the tweet yourself.

For the time being, Twitter Highlights are only available in the official iOS and Android mobile apps, but they may make their way to the other platforms soon.

How to Get Highlights on Your Phone

To get Highlights on your telephone you need to turn on the message pop-up for the element.

To do this on your iOS telephone or tablet, go to the Me tab in the Turn Off Twitter Highlights application and tap the stuff symbol. Go to Settings > Notifications > Push Notifications > Highlights and turn the slider on.

Android clients can go to Settings > Notifications > Mobile Notifications and check the Highlights box.

You ought to get Highlight message pop-ups all things considered double a day, which you can swipe through to see the tweets you could have in any case missed.

What is your take of Twitter Highlights? Is it true that you will turn the warning on? Tell us in the remarks.

Sign in to your account

Once you’re signed in, you need to find the “settings” tab. This tab will let you control how your account looks and behaves. On the “settings” tab, you’ll want to locate the “Twitter Highlights” option. This option will let you Turn Off Twitter Highlights for all of your accounts.

Turn off Highlights

After clicking on the “Turn off Highlights” button. This screen will show you how to turn off highlights on your Twitter account. To do this, you need to be signed in as well as have your Twitter account set up.

With 313 million active monthly users sharing an average of 500 million tweets a day, there’s a lot of noise on the social network. Twitter has tested lots of different ways to cut down on the noise like muting users or turning off retweets. One way to cut through the Twitter noise is with the Highlights feature.

Turn Off Twitter Highlights

This page will tell you how to turn off all of your Highlights. The first step is to choose which tweets are going to get highlighted. You can select all tweets or just some of them. Next, click on the “Configure Highlights” button and enter the information about why you want to turn off Highlights. You can choose from

Remove Highlights from your tweets

Once you’ve signed in, scroll down to the bottom of your tweets and find the “ Highlights” tab. Once there, you will need to select which highlights you want to remove. You can select all of them or just a few of them. Once you’ve made your selections, click on the “ Turn Off Twitter Highlights” button.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about Highlights. You can’t turn them off completely. The best you can do is ask Twitter to show them less often and turn off the push notifications. Here’s how to do both.

We can’t guarantee how effective this will be, but at leas it lets Twitter know you aren’t a fan of the feature. Next, head to Android’s settings. It’s in the left menu on Android and the top right on iOS.

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