Selected Clips Longer on Tiktok

Are there sure pieces of the video that are not important to transfer on your Tik Tok? Or then again need to share astounding Tik Tok recordings to other online entertainment while these destinations set a restricted video length for you to transfer and share? Then, at that point, you’ll be wondering how to change the length of Selected Clips Longer on Tiktok or how to manage a TikTok video for sharing?

TikTok itself has an implicit trimmer that permits you to manage the recordings and change the clasp length as you wish. Some outsider editors can assist you with that. In this article, we’ll show you how to manage your TikTok recordings to change the clasp length at you will without any problem.

There are a couple of ways of making Selected Clips Longer on Tiktok. One way is to tap and hang on the clasp until it begins to play full screen, then drag it to the left or right. Another way is to tap and hang on the three lines in the top-left corner of the video see, then drag them up or down.

TikTok began permitting clients to make a little 15-second long video. Then, at that point, as individuals began to partake in this stage, the video length expanded to 60 seconds. Right now, TikTok upholds 3-minute recordings. To make clips longer on TikTok or change cut length on Download Video From TikTok Without Watermark, you can utilize the slider on the altering screen. To get the point by point steps, continue to peruse this article till the end.

Step 1: Change Length of Transferred Clips on TikTok

Changing the length of transferred clips utilizing the in-fabricated trimmer in TikTok is quite simple. Follow the straightforward tutorial underneath to manage a transferred cut in TikTok:

Step 1

Send off TikTok on your phone and tap the “Transfer” option to one side of the record button.

Step 2

Select the video you need to transfer to Selected Clips Longer on Tiktok and click “Next”.

Step 3

Utilize the slider at the bottom of the screen to manage the video to the length you’re alright with.

Section 2 How to Manage a Video You Recorded on TikTok

In the event that you utilized TikTok’s underlying camera to record a video, you might in any case manage it with the “Change Clips” Element, which likewise gives a method for managing or re-orchestrate explicit sections of your TikTok video. Basically follow these steps:

Selected Clips Longer on Tiktok

Step 1

Open TikTok and press the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen to begin recording to no one’s surprise.

Step 2

At the point when you’ve done recording, click on the red really take a look at button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Then, at that point, you’ll see the “Change Clips” option on the top right of the screen, simply click it.

Step 4

Presently, you can utilize the red slider at the bottom to change your video cut.

How to Manage a Video You Recorded on TikTok


While many individuals grumble that there is no “Change Clips” option on their Selected Clips Longer on Tiktok. Or on the other hand if the implicit trimmer of the TikTok application doesn’t satisfy your motivation, then you’ll require some outside strong video editors with exhaustive altering highlights that are useful to manage and yet again orchestrate your video cut

We suggest utilizing the free online video editor, FlexClip, particularly on the off chance that you want to do a ton of altering. FlexClip’s high level altering highlight permits you to manage a video, not exclusively to remove the start or finishing part of the video yet additionally to manage the center of a video. Moreover, you can likewise modify your clasp no sweat in a couple of snaps at FlexClip.

Why is Change Clips Button Missing?

The change clips button is eliminated for the recordings taken from the camera roll by TikTok. You can rather record the video and afterward change the clasp with the Change Clips option on the altering screen.

In this article, we took a gander at how to make Selected Clips Longer on Tiktok. We want to believe that we have settled every one of your questions with respect to a similar in this article. Drop your questions or suggestions in the remark section beneath. Likewise, let us in on what you need to realize straightaway.

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