On the off chance that you are involving See Old Likes on Twitter for quite. A while you probably preferred so 100’s or even 1000’s of tweets. Presently when you need to look through twitter likes you should pose. An inquiry to yourself Is there any method for survey all twitter likes and how?

While on Twitter we as a whole prefer to discover certain individuals or records. That we view as interesting and follow them – now and then we even get an opportunity. To talk regardless of whether we have never met, all things considered. Change Twitter Avatar and discoursed happen more extraordinary than a longing to add something in top choices.

It implies that later on you will not lose this tweet and will actually want to rehash. It and recollect why you’ve cherished it in any case, partner it with a specific period. Your life or contact an individual who has made this tweet assuming you really want to.

Right under your profile and your See Old Likes on Twitter, you’ll have the option to see a few tabs. One of them is “my top choices” – it’s really the final remaining one in the line of tabs. You should press on it and presto – here you’ll have the option to see every one of the tweets. That you have at any point preferred, all gathered in one spot and accessible for you to peruse and feel some wistfulness.

Viewing All Your Likes on Twitter

While you’re looking through your Twitter newsfeed, all things considered, you’ll run over a post that you’ll need to top choice. We like bunches of things, and to return to those things then we can. There is a part on everybody’s Twitter account that gathers each of our tweets together for our survey joy. See Old Likes on Twitter those intriguing minutes when you previously saw the tweet.

  • To track down your rundown of likes, or top choices, you must be on your profile. To arrive you can tap on your name on the left half of Twitter’s landing page. Or on the other hand, you can tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen. A drop down rundown will show up and afterward you can tap on ‘view profile’ at the top.

See Old Likes on Twitter

  • At the top center of your profile, just beneath your header photograph, you will see a line of tabs.
  • Scroll through your rundown of likes. The latest one is at the top and you can look over as far as possible back to the ones that you favorited when you initially began utilizing Twitter.
  • You can ‘not at all like’ a tweet by tapping on the heart symbol once more. You can likewise answer or retweet the post from your ‘likes’ rundown and progress forward with a communication.

Having the option to most loved something is a decent method for keeping it for later assuming you at any point need perking up.

How to see all likes on Twitter

How would I be able to see every one of See Old Likes on Twitter? This question pesters many individuals who truly love Twitter and who truly set their focus on looking through the channel and finding stuff that they view as significant and engaging.

However, everyone loves to make some kind of assortment – and every one of the top picks that you gather through time and only an assortment of considerations, jokes, and realities. Along these lines, assuming that you’re inquiring “how to see every one of my likes on Twitter?” The response is: by pushing on the tab “my top choices” in your profile, right under the header and the bio.

It’s not difficult to track down and surprisingly more straightforward to explore through, as everything is gathered in one spot for your solace. Top picks on Twitter are not difficult to see however are not so natural to acquire from different clients.

See Old Likes on Twitter

Why can’t I see all my Likes on Twitter

On the off chance that your twitter likes not showing on your Timeline then this isn’t a bug from Twitter. As a client named Ross McLoughlin posed an inquiry from. Twitter staff named @Andypiper where he answered that isn’t a bug.

It implies in the event that you are not seeing every one of your likes then, at that point, should be out of sync. Assuming there has been no action on your twitter represent some time. Say months or years then your record will be moved to chronicle stockpiling. That is the reason the Twitter site can’t show any new action.

That is the reason a great many people feel that See Old Likes on Twitter are not dealing with their profile.

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