Request to Join a Live on Tiktok

One of the great things about Request to Join a Live on Tiktok is having the option to broadcast together with different clients. Besides the fact that joint broadcasts offer more content prospects than simply solo broadcasts, yet they also give an open door to clients to cooperate, harnessing the force of the TikTok people group and increasing the reach of Live broadcasts.

TikTok Live was launched in 2019, giving clients of the platform another format to play with beyond Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs recordings. The longer structure style fits showcasing talents and engaging with watchers. It’s also a smart way to develop audiences and to raise money for good causes.

TikTok has taken the app world by storm, and is currently available on the two iOS and Android. As of April 2018, TikTok has more than 1 billion downloads. This social media app was created for brief recordings, called “tikkis.” It allows you to create your own recordings with a basic tap or drawing. There are also many various channels to browse that make your recordings look really cool! Request to Join a Live on Tiktok are the ultimate platform for creativity.

While you’re sorting out what sort of video to create, make certain to ponder what kind of audience you’re attempting to reach. A great way to get more devotees is to upload something interesting, similar to an entertaining music video or a dance schedule! Many clients find it easy to share their tikkis across various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so forth.

Joining Another User’s TikTok Live Broadcast

It’s also feasible for clients to ask in the event that they can Request to Join a Live on Tiktok. Prior to doing as such, it’s valuable as a primary concern that it won’t always be appropriate to join a broadcast – assuming an independent artist is performing, for example – and Live clients may not accept a request from others to join their broadcast (particularly in the event that they don’t have any acquaintance with them). Therefore, to be engaged with a joint broadcast, it merits planning it beforehand if conceivable. Failing that, the chances of someone accepting a request from another client to join their Live broadcast is increased assuming they know the client or the requester is relevant for the broadcast.

Requesting to join someone’s Live broadcast is done while survey the broadcast. In the remarks section, there is a button that seems to be two grinning faces. Tapping this will send the request to join the broadcast. Assuming the request is accepted, the screen will part into two, with one half displaying a message to the requesting client to say so and that they will join the Live broadcast in a matter of seconds. After a short commencement, the client’s stream will appear on the screen and they’ll communicate on TikTok Live with the host.

How to join someone’s live on Tiktok?

We will break the cycle down in Request to Join a Live on Tiktok, easy to follow steps so here we go:

  • Open the Tiktok app .
  • Once in, click on “Live” (track down it on the top left of the screen).
  • Observe the stream you want to join.
  • Presently click on the gray option that says “Send a visitor request”
  • You can also utilize the pink blue cross circles on the right of add a remark
  • Squeezing this will open up a dialog with request option
  • Click it and wait for the “Visitor request sent” to appear on your screen
  • Presently all you have to do is wait for the host to accept your request

Request to Join a Live on Tiktok

You really want to recollect that the option to join a live is only available assuming you got a welcome or on the other hand in the event that the person who is live streaming has enabled you to join the stream after your request. To avoid any confusion continue to interact with your favorite Tiktoker so they can allow you to join them in a live stream.

Get an Invite to join

You can get a Request to Join a Live on Tiktok welcome by the person who is streaming. They can do it by essentially starting the live stream and squeezing the same pink blue circles this time appearing in the left bottom corner. They will see individuals and contacts that they can welcome them to stream together with.

You also have the option to withdraw assuming you change your brain after sending the joining request. Once the request has been sent snap on the “Withdraw” button to cancel the request. You will see this button appear on your screen after you have sent a request.

Live stream and edit tiktok videos

You can live stream on tiktok yourself too. You can read our article to go live on tiktok. To make alters out of your game live stream on tiktok, use Eklipse. Our new feature for Insta Reels and Tiktok recordings will allow you create an amazing short clasp out of your live stream quickly. Attempt it now!


Presently you have learned how to Request to Join a Live on Tiktok. You also got information about how to go live on tiktok and got an amazing tool to alter your livestream. Look at it now and happy streaming!

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