Beforehand, you could snap or tap on the picture, select Remove Twitter Profile Picture, and the picture would vanish. However, Twitter chose to discard this choice. Along these lines, this article will zero in on changing your profile photograph, rather than eliminating it. Furthermore it incorporates some other customizations also.

Delete picture on Twitter profile. While searching for Twitter Profile Picture is vital. It assists with discovering your Twitter account. Be that as it may, once in a while you really want to delete or remove picture on Twitter profile. Figure out how to delete picture on your Twitter profile.

Twitter like other online media stages give the component to post pictures. However, you can not totally delete the Twitter profile picture and set it to default. However Twitter is essentially known to be a stage where individuals can voice their viewpoints and make solid focuses. It additionally is a spot individuals can surf for diversion.

Better substance on Change Your Email On Twitch raises your commitment. Better commitment assists you with expanding your supporter counts. You can share pictures of your accomplishment, interest or even day to day routines and offer a piece of you with general society.

Can you delete your profile picture from Twitter permanently?

There is no technique to delete your profile picture from Twitter. You can’t delete the picture and return to the default symbol whenever you have transferred your profile picture. Already, Twitter likewise had the choice to totally remove your profile picture however the choice is at this point not accessible.

How to Delete Twitter Profile Picture?

Since the chance of totally eliminating your record is insignificant. We can rather delete the Remove Twitter Profile Picture that you have to another one. Transferring another profile picture is likewise an incredible choice to dispose of your present one.

On Android

  • Sign into your Twitter account.
  • Click on your profile in the upper left corner of the feed.

  • Go to the “Profile” choice.

Remove Twitter Profile Picture

  • Select “Alter Profile”.

  • Click on your profile picture and set another photograph.

Remove Twitter Profile Picture

You will get two choices by the same token “Snap a picture” where you can snap a photo right that moment. Another option is to “Pick existing photograph” where you will be directed to your display and you can change a picture of your loving.

However, on the off chance that you actually wish to have the default Twitter symbol on your channel. You can without much of a stretch do as such by separating a comparable picture from google. You can look for the default Twitter symbol on an internet browser and download it. To transfer it on Twitter you can act as per the given guidance.

Presently, we are prepared with a new picture on your Twitter profile.

On Desktop

  • Sign into your Twitter account.
  • Go to the “Profile” choice on the left half of your feed.

  • Select “Alter Profile”.

  • Click on your Remove Twitter Profile Picture. A spring up box of your documents will show up.

Remove Twitter Profile Picture

You can peruse and pick the picture of your jumping at the chance to set the picture. Select “Save” to save the progressions made.

How to Delete Twitter Header Picture?

You can not delete Twitter profile pictures, yet you can delete header pictures from your profile. It is simple and you can either set it to default with no picture or you can again change ta picture to your inclination. The steps to change or delete Twitter header picture is simple and you can basically follow the steps given underneath:

  • Sign into your Twitter account.
  • Click on the “Profile” choice.

  • Select “Alter Profile”.

Remove Twitter Profile Picture

  • Over your profile picture, you will observe the header picture. You can choose the cross choice to remove the picture or the camera choice to change the picture.

Remove Twitter Profile Picture

  • Select “Save” to refresh the new changes.

Other Twitter Customizations

There’s not a ton you can do as far as profile customizations. Twitter permits you to add a bio, area, site, and your date of birth.

Adding an area is the easiest in light of the fact that Remove Twitter Profile Picture gets on your whereabouts. That is except if you’ve unchecked the choices under “Alter Your Experience” when you introduced the application.

Remove Twitter Profile Picture

Thus, you tap on the area bar and pick the first starting from the drop menu. On a work area, you’ll have to add the location physically.

Concerning the date of birth and site, you should tap on the doled out area and type or select your inclinations there. Be that as it may, there is one impossible to miss thing. Twitter permits you to change the date of birth a couple of times.

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At long last, bio is the place where you get to communicate your inventiveness in 160 characters. Contingent upon why you use Twitter, you can make the bio as entertaining or as genuine as you need.


Since we can not Remove Twitter Profile Picture any longer, we zeroed in on an alternate methodology. This article helps you to modify your twitter channel as per your decision. Transferring another picture will make a new allure for your crowd.

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