Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public

On the off chance that you try to avoid the possibility of everyone having the option to see your Facebook posts, you can change your protection settings to Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public. Assuming you’ve never done that, adhere to the instructions underneath to take care of business. There are a couple of ways of concealing all posts on Facebook.

You can go to your profile and snap on the stuff icon in the top right corner and select Settings. Under Posts, you can then pick which posts are apparent to your companions and public. You can likewise hide posts from explicit individuals by choosing their names from the rundown of companions under Posts Who See This.

As indicated by far most of Facebook clients, including Your Hacked Facebook Account, the possibility of uncovering personal information to the whole world is frightening to contemplate. Facebook is a critical person to person communication site that connects us with our family, companions, and companions of companions in the contemporary world.

It has a huge number of individuals and is the most well known person to person communication site on the planet. While the vast majority of our Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public are individuals we have never met in person, it’s anything but smart to furnish broad personal information about ourselves with them on interpersonal interaction destinations. Essentially on the grounds that someone shows up on your timetable doesn’t demonstrate that you ought to unfriend them or preclude them from seeing your course of events later on, as certain individuals accept.

How To Hide Posts On Facebook

This is the way to keep specific postings from explicit people from showing up on your Facebook pages, for example, a status message, photos, a connection, or a video, for instance, from happening. A drop-down menu will show up close to the distribute or share button at whatever point you make another thing on your Facebook status tab, (for example, a status message, photographs, or recordings), from which you might pick what to post or impart to your companions.

To finish things, you should simply snap and move them. The four novel options accessible are Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public, Friends, Only Me, and your custom settings. The public is the default setting. The default option is set to public. Assuming that your security settings are set to public, companions, or just me, f be the default decision on the off chance that your protection settings are set to public.

If you have any desire to keep a Facebook notice stowed away from specific individuals, you ought to utilize the custom settings option. Custom protection options permit you to impart a post to a particular gathering, a rundown that you oversee or keep stowed away from a specific gathering or people. After you have concluded who you need to impart your post to and who you would rather not share it with, you can feel free to post it.

Hide Facebook Post From A Specific Person

Floating your cursor over a wall post and tapping on the descending bolt that shows up in the upper right corner of the post will permit you to hide it from a particular client. Custom ought to be chosen from the drop-down option.

Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public

By putting the name of the person from whom you wish to conceal a post into the Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public, Facebook will show a line containing your companion’s name along with a thumbnail of the post; click on her name to be taken to the post.

Regardless of whether it is optional, including the name of a pal list is profoundly proposed. Then, at that point, when you are through, enter the accompanying name or rundown, if vital, and click Save Changes to save your work.

Steps to Hide Facebook Posts From Public or Friends

Limit Past Posts

Fortunately Facebook has a truly helpful tool that permits you to hide all of your timetable posts with a solitary snap. Go to Settings and Privacy, select Privacy in the left-hand sheet, and snap on Limit Past Posts. This option automatically hides generally your public posts from the Public and sets them to Friends only.

As such, individuals who are not your companions won’t have the option to see your timetable posts.

Alter Activity Settings for Future Posts

With respect to future posts, go to Your movement and under Who can see your future posts, select Only Friends or Only me. Obviously, in the event that you don’t believe anyone should see your future posts, you can choose the Only me option.

Assuming you’re utilizing the Facebook versatile application, go to Settings and Privacy. Then, at that point, tap Privacy Shortcuts, and select Review a couple of significant security settings.

Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public

Go to Who can see what you offer and utilize the Privacy Checkup tool to find Future Posts and Limit Past Posts.

You can then change the protection settings of your future posts and make them apparent to companions only, or just you.

Document or Trash Old Posts

Then again, you can document or forever erase your old timetable posts as once huge mob. Go to the Activity log, select Manage Activity, and afterward go to Your Posts.

Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public

Select a particular classification of posts, click the three specks close to the individual posts, and select Archive or Trash.

Utilize the Social Book Post Manager for Chrome

The Hide Your Posts on Facebook From Public Manager for Chrome is a helpful program extension that permits you to erase whole months or years from your Facebook course of events. This tool is only accessible on desktop PCs and it can assist you with erasing tens or many posts in only a couple of moments.

Kind sized application

On versatile, you can utilize the Jumbo application to erase old posts. The tool will cautiously sift through the entirety of your web-based entertainment posts and forever eliminate them in mass.


To hide past Facebook posts from the public, you can utilize the Limit Past Posts option. On the other hand, if you need to hide future posts, go to Settings and under Who can see your future posts, select Only Friends or Only me. On the other hand, you can likewise file or waste old posts from your course of events. For what reason did you choose to hide your Facebook posts? Share your considerations in the remarks underneath.

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