They say an image merits a 1000 words. In any case, assuming that is the situation, a GIF would likely say 10000 words all at once. Furthermore, these are really viable also. Regardless web-based media webpage you are utilizing, you may have seen these Post Gif on Facebook. That is beyond question when we are discussing Facebook.

Now and again a GIF simply puts it better than any content remark could. Regardless of your reason for utilizing one, enlivened GIFs are an extraordinary method to add something enjoyable to your Facebook status, or separate the content only remarks on your companion’s latest update.

You can utilize GIFs in a couple of ways on Facebook: either as your status, as a remark alone, or as a remark with text. Here are the basic strides to take for every situation.

You may see Posting Gif on Facebook page: they can be found in posts, remarks, occasions, bunch messages. GIFs can fill any need, from a congratulatory message to a companion to a snide remark under a content post.

You can snap a photo or video on your phone, however you can’t record a GIF without some additional product, and keeping in mind that it’s not difficult to track down pictures and recordings with a fast Google search, tracking down the right Disconnect Facebook From Instagram can be interesting. I will go over all you require to know to discover or make GIFs, and all the manners in which you can post them on Facebook.

What is a GIF?

GIF is a short type of Graphics Interchange Format. It is a lossless configuration for picture records that upholds both vivified and static pictures. Was designed in 1987 by Steve Wilhite, a US programming author.

It is very common presently to see individuals utilizing gifs on well known interpersonal interaction sites. Why GIFs has gotten so much mainstream? It is a more expressive approach to speak with your companions, family members or partners. It is additionally used to add somewhat amusing to the talk.

These highlights have made GIFs tremendously famous in all significant sites like Tumblr, Buzzfeed and Reddit. Lately, web-based media monsters Facebook and Twitter have additionally gotten on board with that fleeting trend.

This article is for those individuals who need to figure out how to Post Gif on Facebook. Toward the finish of this article, I will likewise uncover a portion of the top sites where you can discover tons of GIFs to be utilized across interpersonal organizations.

Where can I post GIFs on Facebook?

You can share GIFs on Facebook similarly as effectively as photographs, and in the greater part of similar locations. Here’s a speedy overview:

  • GIF-only posts
  • Posts with text
  • Posts with numerous GIFs
  • Profile GIFs (recorded in the Facebook application)
  • Personal messages
  • GIF-only remarks

Finding GIFs in Facebook

The least difficult approach to add a GIF to a Facebook post, remark, or message is to utilize Facebook’s inherent GIF libraries. There are more than 1500 GIFs to investigate in Facebook itself, so assuming you need to convey an overall message or stick with an overall subject, you can utilize a current GIF document.

At the point when you’re composing a post, you’ll need to choose the three-spot menu button under the content field and you’ll see the GIF option recorded underneath. Tapping on the GIF button allows you to look for the GIF you need to utilize utilizing important catchphrases – for instance, assuming you needed to discover the Drake Clapping GIF, simply search “Drake Clapping” and glance through the top outcomes.

Post Gif on Facebook

In case you’re sending a Post Gif on Facebook, it’s significantly simpler. When composing a remark, the GIF button is situated on the right half of the content field, and it’s constantly found straightforwardly under the spot you type messages in Messenger.

How to Post any GIF you found or saved

At times, you need a particular GIF document that you can’t discover in the How To Use Facebook library, or you’d prefer to make a GIF out of another video you found online. To do this, you several options. In the event that you’ve seen the GIF some place on the web previously, there’s a decent possibility it’s in Giphy. In spite of the fact that they don’t give you exceptionally powerful GIF creation options. You can discover practically any GIF you’ve found in their library.

In any case, in the event that you can’t discover the GIF you need anyplace. You’d prefer to make one dependent on a video you have saved. Found online, head to to transform any video cut into a GIF in only a couple seconds. By going to the Video Converter in the Tools tab, you can glue a video connect or transfer a video from your PC and select Export as GIF from the conversion menu in the upper right corner.

To use as a GIF, click Export GIF and download your GIF in only a couple seconds. Google or Facebook account – once you’ve endorsed into a Kapwing account.


Posting a GIF from your gadget to Facebook is similarly just. About as simple as sharing one from the Facebook GIF library. Simply pick the “Photograph/Video” option when you’re making. Your post, remark, or message, and select the GIF document from your record program.

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