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To permit individuals to track down your profile and follow you on Instagram, you should share your profile’s web link with them. It’s not difficult to get your Instagram profile link on both Link on My Instagram Account, and we’ll show you how. It was, pretty much, intended for use on phones and cell phones, clear by its portable application’s more prominent abilities and simpler to-explore interface contrasted with the desktop version.

But since Instagram is so sensitive to cell phones, it doesn’t work like a traditional site, making it at times hard to find the URL for your Instagram account. While Instagram is accessible in a desktop version, the web-based entertainment application is, generally, intended for cell phones.

The application was created to share photos and recordings. Upload Full Picture on Instagram Without Cropping, all around, won’t need their Instagram URLs. Be that as it may, no one can tell when you would require your profile URL for the majority various reasons. You might require it for becoming your Instagram account, utilizing specific administrations, setting Instagram links in a blog entry, or offering to companions.

This article shows you how to duplicate your Instagram profile link from the desktop program and on your iPhone. or on the other hand Android phone. Many individuals inquire, “what’s my Instagram URL?” and assuming you’re one of them, this article is for you. The Instagram versatile application doesn’t work like its site version, making it precarious for some clients to track down their Link on My Instagram Account. The following is a bit by bit manual for find your Instagram profile URL, both on a cell phone and a desktop.

How Would You Duplicate Your Instagram Profile Link?

While utilizing the Instagram application on an iPhone, you may not mull over your Instagram profile link. The one of a kind profile link isn’t unmistakably shown anyplace on the versatile application. In any case, this link is not difficult to track down so you can impart it to anyone with a straightforward reorder.

Instagram can be utilized as a web Link on My Instagram Account. You can utilize any program on your desktop PC or a versatile program on your smartphone.

  • Sign into your Instagram profile with the username and secret key.
  • Select your username or profile photo on the upper-right corner, and afterward select Profile to go to the Profile page.

  • The profile URL is apparent in the location bar of the program.

Link on My Instagram Account

  • Duplicate the Instagram profile link.
  • Press Ctrl + C on a Windows console to duplicate the profile link and Ctrl + V to glue it anyplace. On a Macintosh, use Order + C top duplicate and Order + V to glue the link.

How Would You Duplicate Your Instagram Link on iPhone?

The Instagram profile link isn’t noticeable anyplace on the Link on My Instagram Account. You won’t track down it anyplace in the application’s settings also. In any case, as you probably are aware your account name (or anyone else’s), the Instagram profile link is not difficult to assemble.

  • Open the Instagram application on your iPhone and sign in with your username and secret key whenever required.
  • Tap on the Profile icon in the lower-right corner of the menu bar at the bottom.
  • The username is conspicuously shown over the profile photo on the profile page.
  • The Instagram profile link is a straightforward combination of the Instagram site URL and the username. For example, from the screen capture, the Instagram username is @indiescribe. Thus, the total profile link will be which would link to the profile from anyplace.


By following the means made sense of above, you can without much of a stretch Link on My Instagram Account both on your portable and desktop. What’s more, the best thing about Instagram is that by following the means recorded above, you can undoubtedly change your username and profile URL.

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