Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs

Up to this point, TikTok Ads upheld duplication of Ad Groups as it were. Be that as it may, after this update, it will uphold ad duplication as well. It will offer additional help to marketers so they could rapidly and proficiently re-produce Ads to increase campaign performance and daily spend. You can Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs at the opportunity to a new or existing campaign, and also increase the quantity of duplicates to as far as possible, which is 20 for every Ad Group. You can pick between 2 unique destinations to duplicate your Ad.

Whenever you’ve created an ad campaign, it can’t be moved to another account. You can, however, duplicate the campaign into another account or within the same account. You can also duplicate a campaign that is paused, finished, active, or archived.

To get the most runway from our ad creatives, we can Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs them because of low performance prior to pausing them until the end of time. Duplicating an ad will set off a totally different learning phase and in some cases it simply takes a little karma to get an ad rolling.

To start, how about we duplicate the pause rule we just made in the past example. We’ll change the name to a more appropriate one and we can keep the same “Rule applies to” settings which are set to all active ads.

There are many ways to streamline your Facebook advertising Change The Thumbnail on a Tiktok. A whole industry was created based on how to actually run Facebook ads. The lack of official recommendations by Facebook created a gap for ongoing conversations and debates on the most effective ways to scale and improve your ads. Unsupported hypotheses and mystery hacks became a major part of the narrative of running viable ads.

1.) New Campaign

You can set up the campaign name immediately, and then, at that point, you will be diverted towards new Ad Group creation. This will ultimately bring about another campaign with Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs.

So because we’re using the same circumstances, what happens to our pause run the show? At this moment, they will struggle because they are being applied to the same things and have the same circumstances.

Since we currently want this duplication rule to run first before the pause rule, we can add another determination channel to our pause decide to reject ads that don’t contain the text “Duplicate 1” in the ad text name.

2.) Existing Campaign

You can pick between “New Ad Group” or “Existing Ad Group”. In the event that you decide “New Ad Group”, you’ll have the option to name it on that screen. Assuming you pick the “Existing Ad Group”, you can choose one of the Ad bunches that you already have in the Campaign chosen above.

Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs

Another advantage of this new TikTok Ads feature is that, assuming you have countless ads and can’t find the one you are looking. You can just Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs the running ad. We are looking forward to seeing more features later on. If you want to learn more about this feature, you can really look at it here.


Instead of using the duplication strategy to attempt to scale your campaigns horizontally. The prescribed procedures to develop your campaigns vertically. Toning it down would be ideal. Create a set number of campaigns and ad sets. Recollect that there are no mystery hacks that can convey better performance. Work with the algorithm and rationally increase offers and spending plans.

You ought to possibly Duplicate a Campaign in Tiktok ADs to test an alternate style of creatives, audiences, or items. Another reason to utilize duplication is in the event that your past well-performing campaign. Stopped delivering because you made too many changes or external factors impacted the performance of the ad set.

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